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Scientists for Labour endorses Owen Smith for Labour Party Leadership

Press release: 23rd August 2016

Scientists for Labour membership endorses Owen Smith's leadership bid


Membership votes 5 to 2 in Smith's favour

As there was an overwhelming majority for Owen Smith from Scientists for Labour members in a recent survey, we have decided to endorse Owen for the Labour Party leadership. 

We asked our members, whether or not we should endorse a candidate in this contentious leadership election. 76% of our membership replied to the survey.

The results of our Labour Leader survey were as follows:

  • Owen Smith 53% of all respondents (41% of all members)
  • Jeremy Corbyn 21% of all respondents (16% of all members)
  • No endorsement 25% of all respondents (20% of all members)

The significant number who did not wish to endorse either candidate may reflect how much further our politicians need to go to engage with the scientific community. Scientists are extremely concerned by the consequences of the Brexit vote and how it is already affecting science in the UK. I, for one, want a leader that can prioritise and steer scientific issues effectively across the Party and into Government. These are factors I feel may have influenced the vote of our members.

Both Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn responded to the request from Scientists for Labour to state their opinion and policy on several key scientific issues. We also asked for a 250 word statement, allowing them to freely set out their vision for science and technology under a Labour government. These are published1 on our website and were the subject of discussion in three articles in The Independent.2-4

Scientists for Labour is a Socialist Society affiliated to the Labour Party which is dedicated to raising the profile of science within the Labour Party. Our members are dispersed across the UK and come with a wide range of scientific and engineering experiences encompassing most disciplines from academic research, development, teaching and industry backgrounds.

Dr. John Unsworth, Chair, Scientists for Labour
(e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Links to articles
1. Owen Smith statement, and Jeremy Corbyn Statement on Scientists for Labour website.
2., 13 Aug 2016
3., 13 Aug 2016
4., 13 Aug 2016

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