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Established in 1994, we're a society of scientists formally affiliated to the Labour Party.


We advocate for the interests of science, and support the Labour front bench with evidence-based policy advice on science issues, including metascience, artificial intelligence, the life sciences and net-zero.

Our Work

We have long campaigned for a Cabinet-level Shadow Science Minister, and were delighted that a Shadow Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology was finally appointed in 2023.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our daily briefings helped the shadow front bench hold the government to account, leading to a letter of thanks from the Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer.

Since then, we've produced policy reports which have led to meetings with members of the shadow front bench, hosted events at the annual Labour Party Conference and endorsed individuals running for selection as Prospective Parliamentary Candidates. 

We continue to build our relationships with the Labour front bench, with a particular focus on the Shadow DSIT team.


We're keen to further build our networks and collaborations across the worlds of academia, industry, civil society and policy. Sign up to the mailing list for our monthly Science Policy Networking events in Westminster here, or get in touch by sending us an email at sflabour [at]

Help us support Labour candidates with a science background, and run events.

Help us put science and technology at the forefront of Labour policy.

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