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2019 AGM Minutes

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Scientists for Labour

Annual General Meeting

9th April 2019

1. Welcome and apologies

EC members present: Joseph Buckley, Adam Thompson, Dan Mayhew, Judith Skimming, Kenza Tazi, Ben Fernando, Tom Rivlin, Sina Lari, Lloyd James.

EC members absent with apologies: Anish Kundu, Steve Clapcote, Sean Munro, Rob Kay, Paul Clarkson,

EC members absent without apologies: Ansh Bhatnagar, Danny Filer.

2. Minutes from the last meeting

Accepted unanimously.

3. Officer reports

Read reports with questions from the attending members.

Debate on whether we should work within other socialists’ societies.

ACTION: TR get in touch with Fabian society to work with specific branches, e.g. Science and Technology.

MOTION: vote on scrapping the membership roll-over on the 1st January

Reports approved unanimously.

4. Elections

Ten nominees elected unanimously.

Peter Stern nominates from the floor and elected.

MOTION: actively look to co-opt women and ethnic minorities

Seconded by Dan Mayhew

Voted unanimously.

5. New constitution

Joseph presented new constitution.

Amendments proposed by Sina Lari to remove 4.7 and 4.8.

Amendments proposed by Judith Skimming to remove 4.7 and 4.8, change 4.6 to 50% of members rather than all.

change 4.6 to 50% of members rather than all approved unanimously.

Amendments to remove 4.7 and 4.8.

7 votes in favour

2 abstain

2 against

Constitution with amendments voted unanimously.

6. Constitutional officers

VOTE: on EDC and Andy Slaughter as constitutional officers.

Passed unanimously

ACTION: Ben ask Sean to be constitutional officer

7. AOB

- Nominate a delegate for LPC

-- VOTE: to delay decision

-- DM: vote to try to elect a woman

- Vote: to donate £50 for the Tower Hamlets CLP

-- Passed unanimously

- Discussion on campaign for PhD working rights

- Discussion on Sixth Forms not providing science subjects anymore.

- Award in Willie Russell’s name for the promotion of science in Labour

- Auditors to be recruited through membership by email

- Discussion on making publishing prices through a public scientific publication house.

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