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SfL Conference Report 2019

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

On the first day of Conference delegates had to vote on the priorities ballot, I voted for those a) which were close to our campaigning priorities like Brexit, Migration and the Green New Deal and b) those that had a relationship to science and research like the NHS, Mental Health, and Drugs. Sadly SfL’s Green New Deal motion was ruled out of order, meaning I could not be present at the composite meeting.

Motions on Housing, NHS, Education, Mental Health and the Green New Deal were past almost unanimously. The most controversial motions were regarding Brexit. The leadership also put to vote a motion outlining the NEC view of a neutral Brexit policy. This passed, with our vote against, as did another motion moved by the unions that was close to that of the NEC’s. The Brexit Motion that was moved by Another Europe is Possible and that we have campaigned for was defeated narrowly, with our vote in favour.

There was tension on the last day of the Conference, because we didn’t know until the last hours of the Tuesday if there would be time on Wednesday to discuss the remaining motions. Thankfully the motions on mental health and migration were allowed to be debated and they were voted in favour almost unanimously. I also was able to attend most of the Socialist Societies fringe meeting. Several of the Societies talked about what they represent and the necessity of all of the affiliated Societies working together.

Ruben de Dios is a member of Bethnal Green and Bow CLP and was Scientists for Labour’s chosen delegate at conference.

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